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Calculations based on a system wattage of 400.

* Quantity of Fixtures
Choose how many HID fixtures current or needed

* Lamp Watts
What is the wattage of HID lamp

* Daily Run Hours
Choose average yearly run hours per day

kWh Rate Blended
What is the rate of electricity = Total kWh used/total bill amount

Quantity of In-Line Blowers
Choose how many blowers needed = Typically 1 blower per 2 fixtures

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Choose how many de-humidifiers used

Controllers for A.C. - Dehumidification
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CO2 Units
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Total Energy Cost Existing
Total cost if using HPS or metal halide lighting system

Total Energy Cost iGROW
Total cost if using the iGROW Induction Lighting System

Electrical Savings
Savings from using the iGROW Induction Lighting System

CO2 Savings
Savings in CO2 losses due to light fixture heat mitigation blowers

Monthly Savings using iGROW

Total iGROW Annual Energy Savings

Total Annual Replacement Savings
2 lamps per year

Total iGROW Annual Savings

Total iGROW 5 Year Savings

Total 5 Year Replacement Savings
2 lamps per year; 1 ballast replacement

Total 5 year iGROW Savings

The iGROW Investment & Payback Calculator

iGROW Initial Cost
HID Initial Cost

Complete Fixture Cost
Insert single unit cost only!!

Includes: Ballast   Ballast Cost *

Includes: Lamp
Lamp Cost *

Includes: Reflector
Reflector Cost *

In-Line Blower Cost *

Venting Cost *

Misc Cost

Misc Cost

Misc Cost

Misc Cost

Misc Cost

Misc Cost

Misc Cost

Total Initial Cost

Initial Purchase Payback Thru Savings

Rate of Return on the Investment in iGROW Lighting

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