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A Proud Member Of The Humboldt Green Team:

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Established in 2009, iGROW was built on true American entrepreneurship. Three individuals working on their own businesses at that time joined forces to develop and create a light that would revolutionize the agricultural industries. Brothers Cary and Eric Senders were in the agricultural media business with extensive backgrounds working with the UDSA and agricultural universities. Ari Seaman was one of the top sustainability and commercial lighting experts in the country and together they were able to create the first full spectrum light ever developed specifically for plants.

Eric and Cary being in the consumer and commercial agriculture business immediately recognized the opportunity and advantages this idea could bring to the growers and farmers throughout the world. With the resources available it became possible for Ari to become one of the leading agricultural lighting experts and create the highest quality, low energy, low temperature and long lasting full spectrum agriculture light source that would change everything we know about greenhouse and indoor growing came to be.

After years of due diligence to validate and verify the effects of this innovative agricultural light and also having major installations across the country iGROW has grown into one of the most experienced agricultural lighting experts and company.

Most new agricultural lighting technology companies are trying to sell their lighting to farmers and growers based upon possible energy savings and ROI. iGROW knew that if a farmer or a grower is going to switch the tool they already know how to use and make money with then you are going to have to show them how they will make more money with your lighting technologies and not just save money. iGROW has been able to crack the economic code for using an alternative light for indoor and greenhouse cultivation and did it by increasing the speed to harvest and quality of crops by growing plants with its patent pending Hexospectrum induction lighting.

Manufactured in the USA, and proud to employ American Workers.

The American drive for innovation and entrepreneurship is alive and well at iGROW. We are honored and grateful to have this great opportunity to bring you this technology to help sustainably grow on our planet now and into the future.



The iGROW Difference:

Without working with the top researchers, greenhouse companies, product manufacturer’s and the farmers and innovators we would not have been able to advance the industry as much as we have to date and into the future……………………………………..