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At iGROW we view lights as an agricultural tool and when used correctly can dramatically change the way you operate and lead you to success and profitability.

At iGROW we focus on the science and technology of growing better plants in commercial scale applications . We focus on educating the farmers and growers on our induction lighting agricultural specific light technologies.   At iGROW we have proven through our due diligence that you can use our patent pending induction lighting as a productive and efficient tool for plant production.  We will focus on your business and how to achieve sustainable profitability.

Until iGROW – all induction lights were made in the human eye spectrum.  The sole purpose of induction lighting was for commercial applications and energy savings through high quality visual perception.

iGROW is the patent filer for modifying induction lighting technology with specific blends for agriculture and is leading the industry through validation and verification of our hexospectrum technologies on crop production.

Do not be fooled by other companies selling induction lights for agriculture.  These companies are using commercial human eye spectrum induction lights that are used for tunnels and warehouses.

iGROW is the only University and USDA tested and validated agricultural induction light.  So, if a company is selling induction lighting for agriculture make sure you ask three simple questions:

  • What due diligence have they done with the industry experts at major agricultural universities and the USDA?
  • What induction lighting expertise does that company have?
  • Have they done any large scale installations? If so, where and when?
  • Can they support their claims that they are a crop specific induction lighting company?

The agricultural industry has a significant need to be more energy and environmentally conscious.  Do not be taken advantage of by companies that just say they are an agricultural induction light company and try to trick you in in believing they have done their due diligence. Don’t have companies try trick you in believing their induction light is agricultural specific by just paying for online advertisements that claim to be iGROW. 

iGROW – THE ONLY TRUE AGRICULTURAL INDUCTION LIGHTING was developed with the top induction lighting experts and continues to be the only agricultural specific induction light validated by university and USDA experts and has major installations in vegetable, floriculture and cannabis production all across our county.  We are committed to our customers and have the true knowledge on how to help them with their successful implementation of our technologies.


"We are very impressed with the Induction Lighting Technology that the iGROW system provides as a broad spectrum, broad casting, non point source lighting technology. We are convinced that this system will quickly become the new standard in horticultural lighting in the very near future and are thrilled to be at the forefront of utilization in the industry.”
Read the full case study here.

–Bob Jones, Jr. (Chef's Garden)