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Successful cultivation of cannabis plants is all about consistency; the ability to produce a high quality crop each and every grow cycle. The iGROW induction light technology creates a near perfect combination of full spectrum light and environmental reliability under which plants naturally perform best. iGROW provides the highest quality Vegetative and Bloom light frequencies and color synthesis used in the agricultural industry.

Here are the basics of why iGROW Induction Lighting is the superior choice for cannabis cultivation:

  • iGROW produces plants with 20-40% greater Root Mass
  • iGROW produces plants with 30% more internodes
  • iGROW growers move plants 2-10 days faster to flower stage
  • iGROW is the most widely used new agriculture light among cannabis cultivators
  • iGROW has a near 100% adoption rate by commercial growers who test and trial with our lights
  • iGROW lights are receiving the largest rebates possible by major utility companies around the country


iGROW is proud to be part of the Humboldt Green Team which is helping cannabis growers navigate through the complexity of sustainable cannabis cultivation.  The iGROW expertise in design and construction of advanced greenhouses and indoor cultivation facilities matched with the years of experience in cultivation that Humboldt Green brings to the table, allows our customers to plan for long term profitability and success.


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