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The keys to successful growing in an indoor environment are profitability, predictability and sustainability. When you partner with iGROW, we bring a wealth of unparalleled experience in both agriculture and lighting specialization. It is our job and dedicated focus to make sure your build is financially and economically viable from day one and into the future.  It all starts with the best lighting technology that will consistently produce the most highly valued, quality crop each and every harvest.

Growers are in the production business; they produce crops. At iGROW, our job is to show you how to maximize revenue by producing more crops per square foot with a focus on speed, quality and yield. Our light technology is unequalled at producing crops faster and getting growers more turns per year. Additionally, because iGROW so mirrors the Sun, our plants are more robust, more flavorful, more potent and command a higher retail value. Finally, our unique innovation of multi-level growing allows growers to produce unprecedented yields per square foot far greater than any other method.

Maintaining a consistent level of quality is a difficult challenge for many growers; there are so many variables that can negatively impact your crops. iGROW takes the biggest issue indoor growers contend with off the table; HEAT. By taking heat out of the equation, it changes everything. iGROW allows growers to maintain environments most conducive for plant production. With iGROW you will reliably grow the same high value crops each and every cycle. Simply put; iGROW is the best crop insurance you can have

Growers are in a very competitive business, often working on very slim margins. Any spike in overhead costs or market price fluctuations or both, can quickly put a strain on profits and put your business at risk. iGROW is the most efficient, longest lasting light technology on the market today. iGROW provides growers with the lowest cost of operation together with the highest volume yields per square foot than any light technology available.