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Understanding the complexities of designing and building a successful and profitable agriculture facility is something most farmers, growers and investors struggle with. Why wouldn’t they? This is a new industry with not many experts to call upon.  iGROW-MD has all the tools, experience and relationships that can help guide our customers through this complex process.

When you work with the iGROW-MD professionals, you will quickly learn that you do not need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have a feasibility study done on a specific building or greenhouse you are considering for your new or existing business.  iGROW-MD has the industry relationships to help guide you through this process with professionalism and know how, that is our value in this industry.

Below is a sample Scope of Work Contract that will show you how working with iGROW-MD can help move your business forward effectively and affordably.



Sample Scope of Work NEW Building Design:

The following proposal describes the Scope of Work (SW) that will be completed to design a medical cannabis cultivation facility in                                                         .  The primary purpose of the SW is to evaluate the potential feasibility of a designated building and complete its cultivation design.  This SW will also include a preliminary analysis that will cover the majority of costs to construct and operate this facility.

Under this SW, the Owner and iGROW MD, will work together and share information freely in an effort to complete the work agreed to, as outlined below.

The SW is organized into the following options:

  • Option Preliminary Analysis
  • Option 2D Drawing and 3D Renderings
  • Option Direct Costs Estimates


Option 1 | Preliminary Analysis: 

Objective 1:  The objective of this task is to review the building plans and drawings for a single building site in effort to make sure site can be used for the purpose of indoor cultivation of crops.  OWNER will need to supply some form of scale drawings of the building being analyzed, as built drawings are preferred.

Objective 2: The iGROW MD design team will help develop a cultivation work flow strategy for all areas within the Building (FIGURE 1). Once these preliminary designs have been completed and approved by OWNER, preliminary detailed information on both the direct and operating costs can be developed.

Objective 3: Once Objective 1 and 2 are completed, iGROW MD will identify, evaluate, and develop a detailed preliminary analysis of estimated electrical and mechanical demands that would be needed for the project (FIGURE 2).

Site and Building Analysis:

  • Confirm Room Dimensions
  • Analyze Existing Electrical Service and Equipment
  • Analyze Existing HVAC Equipment
  • Confirmation of Utility Company and Possible Rebate Procurement

Cultivation Area Design:

  • Design Propagation Areas
  • Design Vegetative Areas
  • Design Flower Areas
  • Design Work Space Areas, Laboratory, etc.

Option 2 | Scale Design Drawings & Renderings:

Objective 1: This option will provide 2 Dimensional scale drawings of the building, workflow operations and cultivation processing. Scale drawings will allow a more detailed look into the cost structure of constructing the cultivation facility and cost to operate.

The drawings and designs include the ability to virtually enter the facility with 3D animation.  3D animation helps visualize the space that has been allocated by the design and will give the owner a more complete picture of what the facility will look like before it has been built.  iGROW MD cultivation designs typically use state of the art vertical farming methods that are not common in the industry, so the 3D feature becomes a valuable tool in the understanding of these methods. 

When this task is completed the Owner will have detailed specifics of a state of the art cultivation facility without engaging an expensive architectural firm.  iGROW MD also brings value in providing multiple changes and revisions within days not weeks (FIGURES 3 & 4).

Objective 2: Once Objective 1 is completed, iGROW MD will identify, evaluate, and develop a detailed preliminary analysis of estimated electrical and mechanical demands that would be needed for the project (FIGURE 2). Having scale drawings will also allow iGROW MD to provide a more detailed look into the overall economic costs associated with the cultivation facility.   The work completed with this option will allow for the OWNER to evaluate the true construction and operating costs for the facility, while also seeing the potential profitability of the final cultivated crop through yield generation models (FIGURE 4). 

 Will Provide Drawings & Renderings:

  • 2 Dimensional Scale Drawings
  • 3 Dimensional Renderings – 4 views
  • Vertical Farming Design

Will Provide Specifications For:

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Water
  • Baseline Comparatives
  • Estimated Cost of Construction
  • Estimated Cost of Operation
  • Estimated Cost of Maintenance
  • Estimated Yield Data

Option 3 | Direct Cost Estimates: 

Objective: To provide detailed direct costs needed to start cultivation operations.  iGROW MD will provide all the materials and equipment specifics and provide pricing for all items such as soil, nutrient, irrigation, trays, etc.  iGROW MD has relationships with the largest sellers and direct suppliers in the agricultural industry and can offer OWNER competitive pricing in order to evaluate all costs to construct and actually get started growing.


(FIGURE 1) * Provided with Option 1 or Option 2 

(FIGURE 2) * Provided with Option 1 as a Preliminary Estimate
Provided with Option 2 as a Detailed Analysis

(FIGURE 3) * Provided with Option 2

(FIGURE 4) * Provided with Option 2