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iGROW® 400 Watt Multi-Purpose Fixture

This fixture is the flagship of our product line, and the largest reflector on the market. Like all our iGROW® fixtures, it comes with the ballast preinstalled and your choice of bulbs for either vegetative growth or blooming.
Designed by top lighting experts, the iGROW 400 Watt Mulit-Purpose Fixture incorporates minimal use of materials with very efficient heat dissipation and durability. Its sleek, lightweight, low profile design is best used very close to your plant canopy for optimum light intensity, and is easy to raise and lower.

iGROW delivers a unique blanket of light evenly, from end-to-end and side-to-side, unlike any other fixture available.

Best uses:

  • Primary light reflector for indoor growing
  • Large seed and propagation areas
  • Flood tables and large potted plants
  • Covers end to end inside a standard grow tent
  • Optimum coverage area: 4' x 4'
  • Perfect for large indoor farms where they can be mounted end-to-end and side-to-side, for a complete and uninterrupted flow of light over your entire area
  • Optimum very low heat allows for use in smaller areas where ventilation is a problem

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iGROW® 400 Watt Commercial (Greenhouse) Fixture

This fixture has been designed specifically for commercial greenhouses for either primary or supplemental lighting. The large coverage area makes it a great choice for seeding and propagation when used as a primary light.
The unique reflector was specifically designed to not interfere with or shade the sun's rays when hung 40" above the plants, and has gone through extensive university based testing and trials.

Like all our iGROW fixtures it comes with the ballast preinstalled and your choice of bulbs for either vegetative growth or blooming.

Best Uses:

  • Greenhouses, propagation and seed tables
  • Seed houses
  • Multi-layer growing and propagation
  • Coverage area will vary on its use as either a primary or supplemental light

Click here for full specifications.

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Lamp Type

lamp-ballastiGROW® Agricultural Lamp and Ballast

Our bulbs have been specifically designed for plant growth, which makes them different than any other bulb on the market. Since different plants have different needs throughout their growth cycles, no one bulb can do it all. That is why we have created two bulbs that will cover each type of plant and both grow cycles, veg and bloom. Every iGROW bulb provides light in a full spectrum of colors for the best results possible. No other bulb manufactured has the quality of light of an iGROW bulb.

iGROW Veg Full Spectrum Bulb/ Best Uses:

  • Non-flowering plants, like lettuce, greens and herbs
  • Propagation of cuttings
  • Seed starts
  • During vegetative stage of early and juvenile growth for blooming and flowering plants like tomatoes, peppers and flowers

iGROW Bloom Full Spectrum Bulb / Best Uses:

  • For long and short day plants
  • Blooming and flowering plants like tomatoes, peppers and flowers

Click here for full specifications - 400 Watt

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iGROW-Accessory-ProductsiGROW® Accessories

iGROW Wings are a unique and novel approach to optimizing your coverage area while retaining useful light. The wings expand the width of the 400w reflector from 27" to a whopping 41", and can be attached and unattached in seconds, with no tools needed. A great option when running multiple lights in a large space, that will allow you to create a blanket of light over your entire grow area.

Go to the following link for more information, specs and videos on how to best use this unit.

iGROW Gripple Light Hangers are designed to work with the iGROW light system. An easy, durable and simple hanger that allows you to raise and lower your iGROW lights in one simple movement.

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