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A Proud Member Of The Humboldt Green Team:

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What iGROW® did with Induction Technology:

We understood from day one that growing plants with artificial light is a science. It became very clear that basic induction technology had qualities that would be incredibly beneficial to growers, but only if those qualities could be harnessed and engineered for plant production.

This technology became our mission. We spent three years developing crop specific phosphorous blends using induction technology specific for growing plants. We have been working with the best manufacturers in the business, the finest minds in crop production at major universities and the USDA, and finally to expert growers to field test our lighting technology.

The end result is that iGROW has become the finest, most efficient, longest lasting agricultural light technology developed in over 60 years.

Nikola Tesla Bio

iGROW and Nikola Tesla are synonymous. iGROW is one of Tesla’s
greatest gifts to mankind. We think Tesla would be very happy to know that his light technology has been developed to be the finest agricultural light, once again beating out Edison. We are very proud that iGROW can help keep Tesla’s inventions and legacy alive and well into the 21st century and beyond.

Read Tesla's bio (pdf)